UK Green Building Council Reduce Invoice Renewals Process by 20% With Breadwinner

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) is an industry-led network with a mission to radically improve the sustainability of the built environment. They inspire, challenge and inspire their 400+ members to identify and adopt the most sustainable, viable solutions.

UKGBC was looking to streamline invoice renewals, where they’d send invoices to members each month. Their previous process involved Salesforce Administrator Rob Fordham downloading a list of members who needed to be invoiced. He would then create the invoices using mail merging software that receives data from Salesforce account records then send the information on to the accounts team, who would finally create invoices in QuickBooks.

The problem with this process was that it was extremely time-consuming for both the Salesforce admins and the accounting team, sometimes taking 2 days to complete. Having to manually create invoices on two different platforms meant that efforts were constantly duplicated and valuable time wasted.


Using Breadwinner has simplified the lengthy process of using invoice spreadsheets raised in Salesforce, inputting that data into QuickBooks and validating it.

Jaime Rebelo, Finance and Operations Officer

Aligning Platforms Means Aligning Teams

UKGBC understood that to improve their way of working, they needed to bring the teams and platforms together. Before opting for Breadwinner, UKGBC explored several popular integration solutions. However, they were drawn to Breadwinner once they discovered it on the AppExchange.

Understanding all the different ways in which they could utilize Breadwinner made them opt for this approach to integrating. Not only did Breadwinner offer simplicity and ease of use, but it is also extremely robust in the way it intuitively allows QuickBooks and Salesforce to work together to streamline workflows and increase efficiency.

By streamlining their invoice renewals process with Breadwinner’s integration solution, UKGBC has been able to reduce the process, with the finance team saving approximately 5 minutes per invoice and the sales team saving 20% of staff time. As a result, they can now dedicate their efforts to other tasks that move the needle. Now they simply use Breadwinner’s invoice collection feature to attach and send invoices with an email template.


The biggest time-saving has to be debtor chasing, which now takes me 30% of the time it used to.

Rob Fordham, Salesforce Administrator

Not only have UKGBC been able to save staff time, but Breadwinner has enabled them to improve the integrity and accuracy of their billings process by eliminating the need for manual data input and therefore fewer mistakes are made. Being able to access invoice and payment data in Salesforce has made it easier to report on debtors and payments and share information via reports and dashboards.


Business Outcomes: 

  • Productivity has increased with the Salesforce admins and the accounts team now working more intuitively.
  • The integrity and accuracy of their billings process have improved.
  • Reporting on debtors is easier with invoice and payment data both sitting within Salesforce.

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In staff time saved spent collecting due and overdue payments

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Saved per invoice creation by the finance team due to integrated sales and finance data