UpSellit Accelerate Their Billings Process With Breadwinner

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UpSellit was looking for an easier way for their team to monitor client billings within Salesforce. Their previous process involved the finance team exporting data from QuickBooks into Excel spreadsheets, calculating billing averages, and then manually entering that data into Salesforce.

Not only was this process time-consuming, but sales reps would only be able to see financials at monthly reviews. Not having instant access to financials in real-time prevented the team from having the most updated client information.


Sales reps used to wait for monthly reviews to get the latest updates on A/R and now they can get that info in real-time in Salesforce.

Byran Gudmundson, COO

An Integration That Is Simple Yet Robust

Before adopting Breadwinner, UpSellit was considering outsourcing developers to build a custom integration in-house. However, they decided that this approach was extremely costly and time-consuming.

UpSellit was won over by the simplicity, robustness, and cost-effectiveness of Breadwinner’s integration solution, which allowed for an easy install and configuration process. Any initial questions of complexity, maintenance, or security were resolved as Breadwinner allows for management to set permissions and read-only modes, allowing staff to work at the appropriate level.

Since using Breadwinner, UpSellit’s sales reps have been able to identify and address billing discrepancies significantly quicker; as a result, invoices can now be paid 3x faster, accelerating cash flow for the business.

By using Breadwinner to integrate QuickBooks and Salesforce, UpSellit was able to save significantly on software spend. Had they opted for a custom-built integration, they would have broken even in about 5-7 years.


With Breadwinner, our sales team can easily monitor their accounts’ billings anytime.

Byran Gudmundson, COO

Business Outcomes: 

  • Sales and finance are now working efficiently and are no longer dependent on each other
  • Data can be accessed in real-time from within Salesforce
  • Billing discrepancies can be identified and addressed a lot quicker
  • Invoices can now be paid on time, accelerating cash flow

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3 x

Invoices are paid three times faster with real-time access to billing data