Breadwinner’s Salesforce-native integration with NetSuite has been specifically designed to work with Field Service Lightning.

Work Anywhere

Agents in the field can work on iPads and even smart phones. And reps back in the office get the full power of Salesforce on the Desktop. Regardless of the device and the location, Breadwinner for NetSuite will allow your staff seamless data integration.

And, if you have offline Salesforce enabled, field reps will still be able to review NetSuite data that is fully replicated into Salesforce as standard objects and records.

Automation and Guided Wizards?

Breadwinner, like many integrations, has full automation and extensibility. On top of our automation suite, Breadwinner also has a guided wizard to allow for edge cases that don’t fit into an automation design.

Approval and final review can also be achieved through the guided wizard.

Whether leveraging Breadwinner’s Automation or Guided Wizard, you can create NetSuite Sales Orders or Invoices from Field Service Work Orders, or any standard or custom record in Salesforce.

Full Data Replication

Creating records in NetSuite from Salesforce data is only half the story. Breadwinner also ensures that all Sales Orders and Invoices are visible in NetSuite, so as well as creating new ones, field reps and office staff can view historical records, and also easily see if an Invoice is overdue or not. Invoices from NetSuite can even be downloaded as PDFs.

salesforce field service netsuite invoice record

Live NetSuite inventory is available both as native Salesforce data and as an easily-readable custom-page in Salesforce. The inventory data shown on this page is replicated live from NetSuite, and is accessible to reports, dashboards, triggers, and flows, and is stored as records in custom objects within Salesforce.

salesforce field service netsuite live inventory location quantity on hand


Credit Memos, Line Items, RMAs, Payments, and many other NetSuite objects are replicated back to Salesforce for live reporting via Breadwinner’s pre-structured native objects. Here is an example of an RMA record which is replicated from NetSuite and is visible live in Salesforce.

salesforce field service netsuite rma return authorization

NetSuite Return Authorization visible in Salesforce Field Service