What’s the most important thing all thriving businesses have in common?

Happy customers?

A high-performing team?

How about awesome products and services?

Or maybe dynamic leadership?

Integrate Salesforce with NetSuite

All good answers – and essential factors that contribute to business success – but none of them are the most important

So what does belong at the top of our list of thriving business characteristics? The answer is simple: revenue.

Or, as Yoda might say, “Most important, revenue is.” 

We know, we know: revenue seems too obvious to even mention in a conversation like this. 

But that’s precisely the point we’re making. 

Businesses with strong leaders, amazing products,  brilliant teams, and long lists of enthusiastic customers fail all the time. And one of the most common reasons they fail is running out of cash because they don’t pay enough attention to generating, growing, and sustaining a healthy revenue base and cashflow – otherwise known as revenue operations (RevOps). 

We believe strongly in the fundamental importance of RevOps – which is why we’re excited about our newest product, Breadwinner Payments, which integrates Salesforce with Stripe, Braintree and Square. We designed it to help you take RevOps to the next level with features like easier invoicing, faster payments, and better payment data visibility for everyone on your team.

Scroll down to find out why those things matter and how Breadwinner Payments + Salesforce can transform your RevOps.


First Things First: What’s RevOps Anyway?


Just in case you’ve been too busy to pay much attention to the recent surge of RevOps-focused articles and podcasts, we’ll start with a quick refresher.  

RevOps is all about uniting your sales, marketing, service, customer success, and finance teams around a common goal: increasing revenue for your company. When RevOps is done right, these teams work seamlessly together to reduce inefficiencies that lead to revenue loss and to identify and take advantage of opportunities to increase revenue. 

How Breadwinner Payments + Salesforce Transforms RevOps

Sales and marketing working together? Finance and customer success living in harmony? It may sound like something that could only happen in a galaxy far, far away – possibly with the help of a wise Jedi master – but innovative technology from companies like Breadwinner and Salesforce is breaking down barriers and making the impossible possible right here in our own corner of the universe.

Let’s take a look at how Breadwinner Payments + Salesforce changes the revenue operations game and helps your business thrive.

Breadwinner Payments Helps Your Sales Team Sell Smarter (and Faster)

Breadwinner Payments is your sales team’s wildest dream come true. Why? Two reasons: it allows team members to quickly create and send invoices (and Stripe or Square payment links) directly from Salesforce and to securely view customer payment data alongside other key customer details in Salesforce.

That means there’s no more delay between closing a deal and sending an invoice, which results in a shorter, faster sales cycle guaranteed to delight your sales team and your bottom line.

Easily accessible payment data comes in pretty handy, too. With increased visibility into who’s paying for which products over time, your sales team gains valuable insight to help them boost revenue by identifying and pursuing upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

And just in case you’re wondering, this increased access to payment data poses no threat to the security of your financial data. Breadwinner is SOC 2 compliant and designed to expose helpful details like transaction amounts while keeping sensitive information like credit card and account numbers hidden.

Breadwinner Payments Helps Your Customer Success Team Nurture Customer Relationships

Let’s be honest: customer success teams have a difficult job. They’re supposed to know what makes customers happy and figure out how to keep them that way. And when something goes wrong, such as a late or missed payment, it’s their job to track it down and find out what’s going on.

Here’s the thing: most of the time there’s a delay between when the missed payment occurred and when the customer success manager finds out about it. By the time they hear about the problem, it’s either been going on for a while or they contact the customer only to find that the payment has been made after all. 

Breadwinner Payments helps avoid both of these situations by giving customer success teams instant – and secure – access to customer payment data from within Salesforce. 

Instead of delayed reactions based on stale information, team members can proactively monitor accounts, and use what they see to nurture customer relationships. There’s no more chasing data, which frees up time for valuable activities like timely outreach ahead of renewal dates or quick check-ins at the first sign of payment issues – both of which can help prevent customer churn and keep your revenue numbers looking good.

Breadwinner Payments Helps Your Finance Team See the Bigger Picture

We’ve talked about the value of your sales and customer success teams having access to financial data, but there’s also tremendous potential value in giving your finance team access to a broader set of customer data.

Finance often sees only how much a customer has (or hasn’t) paid, and nothing else. When finance team members can’t see additional details such as open opportunities associated with an account, they’re cut off from the big picture and may not feel very cooperative with requests from sales or customer success. 

Breadwinner Payments helps connect finance with the rest of the team by making it easy for them to see customer data and payment data side by side in Salesforce. And seeing the complete picture helps finance team members understand how the RevOps team as a whole is working together to boost revenue – and how they can help.

Breadwinner Payments Helps Your Teams Operate as a Well-oiled RevOps Machine

Breadwinner Payments has tremendous benefits for individual teams, but the most valuable of all may be how bringing payment data into Salesforce helps the teams work together and operate as a single well-oiled RevOps machine.

When sales, customer success, finance, product, and marketing teams have easy access to relevant customer and financial data – and the ability to quickly create and send invoices – all sorts of problems go away. 

Sales doesn’t have to bug finance to find out whether an invoice was sent. Finance doesn’t have to field requests from frantic customer success folks trying to figure out if it’s really been six months since a customer paid their bills. 

We could go on, but you get the picture. There’s less tension, fewer barriers, and more time and opportunity to work together to make sure you’re meeting your revenue goals. Plus, there’s more data for everyone to make smarter decisions. It’s a completely different – and much better – way to do RevOps.

Connect Salesforce with Stripe, Square, and Braintree

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By bringing Stripe Billing data into Salesforce, Breadwinner can revolutionize how your RevOps teams interacts with data. Best of all, Breadwinner can show future Stripe Invoices inside of Salesforce.