Unveiling the Power of Digital Resilience in SaaS

How can digital resilience offer a competitive advantage in today's business environment?
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Navigating the Storm:

Unveiling the Power of Digital Resilience in SaaS

Propelled by ongoing global events, business interactions worldwide are ever more remote and digital. Add economic turbulence and today’s dynamic economic environment, characterized by unprecedented challenges and opportunities, is compelling organisations of all sizes to reassess their strategies, tighten budgets, and streamline operations for greater efficiency.

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In this free whitepaper we’ll explore digital resilience as the answer to today’s uncertain business landscape, taking a deep-dive into the following topics, and more:

Why Integrate CRM & ERP?


Making the case for integrating your CRM and ERP as good first step toward digital resilience, achieving key business outcomes and gaining a competitive advantage within your industry.

A Framework for Solution Evaluation

Solution Framework

Buying a native, extensible product vs. building an intermediary iPaaS solution vs. inventing a bespoke solution through custom development. Which is best for your needs and how best to approach each solution category?

Business Outcomes

Busines Outcomes

How can a digital resilience strategy help sales and finance grow revenues, improve cashflow, reduce costs, enhance compliance, improve forecasting and improve visibility?

Technical Considerations

Technical Considerations

What should you keep in mind when it comes to some of the more technical aspects of choosing an integration? From matching requirements and architecture to extensibility and integration method.

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About the Author
Niels Bryan-Low | CRO, Breadwinner | Host, The Breadwinner Podcast

Niels is a former radio reporter who’s spent the last three decades as an executive leading transformational technology initiatives on behalf of enterprise clients such as Capgemini & IBM.


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