“No matter how good you get, you can always get better. And that’s the exciting part.” 

Any guesses on who said it?

Tiger Woods.

He was talking about golf, but his words of wisdom apply just as well to our work at Breadwinner.

Integrate Salesforce with NetSuite

Earlier this year, we introduced our newest product, Breadwinner Payments, as an easy way to get paid fast using Salesforce. We were proud of the product we released, but we knew it was just the beginning. Our dev team has been hard at work improving Payments and adding new features to help customers get even more value from Breadwinner and Salesforce.

Now the code is written, the testing is done, and we’re excited to introduce you to our newest power-up – Stripe subscriptions. Keep reading to discover how this feature enables advanced data sharing between Salesforce and Stripe and helps you improve the speed and flexibility of your revenue operations.


Introducing Breadwinner Payments’ Newest Superpower: Stripe Subscription Management

Think of our latest feature as a power-up for Breadwinner Payments. Like the Mini Mushroom that lets Mario walk on water (or the Mega Mushroom that turns him into a giant), we’ve unlocked new “powers” for Breadwinner Payments customers.

The foundation for this power-up is enhanced (and secure) data flow between Salesforce and Stripe. And the result is a new Stripe subscription superpower that drives business growth by helping your RevOps team operate at max efficiency.

How Breadwinner Stripe Subscription Management Works

Say goodbye to handoffs, delays, inaccurate data, and all the other headaches associated with setting up subscriptions. 

Our new subscription management feature lets your Sales team create new Stripe subscriptions from Opportunities (and more) as soon as a deal closes.


Create Subscription


Breadwinner Payments pulls pre-configured products from Stripe into Salesforce. When it’s time to set up a new subscription, all you have to do is select the products, set a subscription schedule and start date, enter any discounts or free trial days, and click a button to send the data to Stripe.

You get immediate confirmation that your new subscription is ready to go, and one hour later (the standard Stripe delay), your customer receives a subscription confirmation and payment request via email. 

If the new subscription is for an existing customer, you can opt to automatically charge the payment method on file.


Why Your Team Will Love the New Subscription Power-up

Full disclosure: you can thank the Breadwinner Sales team for this particular power-up. They were frustrated by having to ask (and wait for) someone else to log in to Stripe and set up a new subscription every time they closed a deal. Our team loves the new subscription feature, and we’re confident yours will, too.

The new Stripe subscription management feature eliminates handoffs, delayed payment requests, manual data transfer, miscommunications, lost email requests, and many other things that frustrate your team and slow down time-to-payment. 

As a result, you can close deals, manage subscriptions, and collect payments in record time. It’s RevOps at super speed, and it’s exactly what your business needs to achieve and maintain the hypergrowth you’re targeting.


Don’t Forget About These Other Breadwinner Payments Superpowers

Stripe subscription management is exciting, but it’s not the only superpower Breadwinner Payments offers users. Check out these others:

Superpower #1: Payment Data Visibility

Breadwinner Payments enables a bi-directional data sync between Salesforce and payment processors like Stripe, making it possible for users to view payment history in Salesforce and push Opportunity (and more) data into Stripe invoices.

When you connect Breadwinner, the integration immediately imports all historical payment data into Salesforce and sets up automatic data sync for new transactions.


View Transactions 1

You can see customer, Account, and Opportunity data side-by-side with payment data, and use Salesforce’s powerful reporting features to track payment status, keep up with collection methods, identify upcoming renewals, forecast revenue, and more.

This true 360-degree customer visibility gives you the valuable insight you can use to increase sales, strengthen customer relationships, boost efficiency, and make wise decisions about how to grow your business.


Superpower #2: Flexibility 

You have the flexibility to choose how to use Breadwinner and who has access to advanced features. 

Want to allow everyone in your RevOps organization to create Stripe invoices and bill for subscriptions without leaving Salesforce?

Excellent – you can enable Active Mode for all your users.

Love the idea of seeing payment status and history in Salesforce, but don’t want users to be able to push data to Stripe?

No problem – just choose Read-Only instead of Active Mode when you configure your Breadwinner settings.

Need to set different permissions for different users?

Breadwinner Payments lets you control access and permissions – including Read-Only vs.  Active Mode – for individual users and specific roles.

Superpower #3: Over-the-Phone Payments

We live in the age of emailed invoices and digital payments, but sometimes the quickest way to get paid is still over the phone. 

Breadwinner Payments lets your Sales team see and initiate charges to customers’ existing payment methods in Salesforce, meaning you can accept payments over the phone with just a couple of clicks. 

Whether you’re selling a new subscription to an existing customer or chasing down a late invoice with a quick phone call, this feature is sure to come in handy.

Superpower #4: Security

We understand the importance of security when it comes to sensitive customer and financial data, and we go above and beyond to protect your information.

Thanks to our rigorous monitoring and testing procedures and our SOC 2 certification, you can enjoy Breadwinner Payments’ RevOps superpowers without worrying about security weaknesses.

Stay Tuned for More Breadwinner Payments Power-Ups

Remember that Tiger Woods quote we mentioned at the beginning of this article? We meant it when we said it applies to our work here at Breadwinner.

Our new subscription feature is awesome, and there are plenty more “power-ups” in the pipeline.


Want to Know More About Breadwinner Payments?

Breadwinner Payments connects Salesforce to Stripe Billing, Square and Braintree, and helps your business by bringing in all of your financial data into Salesforce in an actionable, reportable manner. You can run reports, dashboards, or trigger Apex or Flows from this financial data.