Breadwinner for Xero

Integrate Salesforce with Xero

Breadwinner integrates Salesforce CRM with Xero Cloud accounting, creating a powerful and agile system that turbo-charges your business. Sales teams work faster, invoices are paid quicker, finance departments increase efficiency, and management has vital information at their fingertips.

Breadwinner helps businesses scale and grow.


Do you want to

  • Raise invoices from Salesforce?
  • Allow your sales team to view overdue client accounts in Salesforce?
  • Reduce double data entry between Salesforce and Xero?
  • Improve cash flow by accelerating payment time?

How will we help your business scale and grow?

Improve Cash Flow by Accelerating Payment

  • Let your sales team raise invoices
  • Reduce double data entry

With Breadwinner, your entire sales and billing process works faster. This means Invoices are sent to the customer sooner, without errors from data duplication, and without delays as information is bounced around your departments.  

Break Down Departmental Barriers

  • Let your sales team view financial status without talking to finance
  • A clear dashboard on each account with invoice payment status

Do sales and support have to call finance to gain information? What is the cost of this friction around communication? Breadwinner eradicates departmental barriers, allowing secure and reliable sharing of Accounts Receivable data.

Unlock Your Data, Give Management Insight

  • Allow powerful reporting in Salesforce on Xero data
  • Enable management to gain insight into client financial health

Breadwinner pulls Xero data into Salesforce, which means you can build reports and dashboards, in Salesforce, on your Xero Accounts Receivable. Management gains insight, and can add automation and notifications to further enhance the data. Staff gain a broader insight into your customers, empowering them with enough information to improve your bottom line.

Improve Accuracy and Save Time

  • Reduce the need for sales to contact finance
  • Enter client information only once with Breadwinner

Eliminate the need for double data entry which wastes time and introduces errors. Your sales team have already collected the data and entered it once into Salesforce, so let Breadwinner sync this information over to Xero upon Invoice creation. As well as Invoices, Breadwinner also syncs Xero Contacts and Xero Inventory.