Demo of Breadwinner

Different videos will fit different business models. If you use opportunity products, watch the first video. If you don’t use opportunity products, the second one might be best. Watching the third video will show you how historical and newly created invoices will appear in Salesforce.


Create Invoices from Opportunity Products

If you use Opportunity Products or Quotes, this video shows you how Breadwinner creates Xero Invoices pre-populated with the Opportunity Products.

This means that what used to take 15 minutes of time takes 15 seconds. Literally. Lots of companies don’t use Opportunity Products – that’s OK.

Breadwinner works great when creating an Invoice from the Account, or an Opportunity without Opportunity Products.

So you don’t need to use Opportunity Products to use Breadwinner.


Create a New Xero Contact and Invoice

Breadwinner makes it easy to create a new Xero Contact and Invoice.

Whenever you create an Invoice, we first check to see if there’s an associated Xero Contact. If not, you create the Xero Contact just before you create the Xero Invoice.

Best of all, we pre-populate the Xero Contact with information from the Salesforce Account. You can do this from the Invoices related list on the Account page, or the Invoices related list on the Opportunity Page.


Breadwinner Brings in Xero Invoices

Can your company run smoothly if no one knows who’s been invoiced, who’s paid, who owes money, and who’s overdue?

Management and staff need this information and they need it where they live – inside Salesforce. That’s why Breadwinner brings in a copy of your Xero Invoices to Salesforce – every single hour.

So if an invoice is marked as paid in Xero, or updated, we’ll reflect that change in Salesforce. Because this is native Salesforce Data, you can create Views, as well as Reports, Dashboards, Workflow and Triggers based on Invoice data.


Create Views in Salesforce

Need to Segment your Accounts by Due, or Overdue? This video shows how to create a View on the Accounts object so you are just looking at all of the Salesforce Accounts with Overdue Invoices.

Is Breadwinner the solution you need?