Breadwinner: The Salesforce professionals’ choice to integrate Salesforce and NetSuite.



Our dedicated NetSuite app is built natively on the Salesforce platform, meaning you can start creating & viewing NetSuite records from Salesforce within a few minutes of installation.


Support is included in all Breadwinner packages at no additional cost, providing a fully managed service so your team is free to focus on core business priorities.


As a Salesforce native & Salesforce Security approved app, all data is stored within your instance of Salesforce, so you don’t need to worry about extra security.

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Breadwinner has helped many businesses across all industries leverage their sales and finance data. No complicated installations. No countless moving parts.

No-fuss swift installation

Our dedicated configuration wizard intuitively maps NetSuite objects and fields in Salesforce. There is no need for your IT team to build or create a custom ERD or take on an additional “integration project”. Our clients see Breadwinner as a Product, not a Project.

Breadwinner has allowed our clients to see their NetSuite data in Salesforce instantly. It was so simple to install and it saved us time not having to learn a complex integration piece. The data is presented in an intuitive way and Breadwinner is now integral to our business processes.

Adam Balme, CEO, Cloudtopia 


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