Resources for Breadwinner

We’ve tried to gather everything you might need and list it all here. If you don’t see something, feel free to ask us!

Breadwinner Requirements

You can use Breadwinner with all versions of QuickBooks Online, and Salesforce editions Professional and higher. The only thing we don’t work with is Group edition of Salesforce. To see more information, visit our dedicated Requirements page.

Understanding How Breadwinner Maps & Syncs

The connection between QuickBooks Online and Salesforce is preconfigured, so no mapping is required to get Breadwinner working. However, you may wish to enable additional mapping to enhance Breadwinner.

Read our object-by-object description of how Syncing works.

Technical Resources for Salesforce Consultants and Developers

Breadwinner can be enhanced further through custom fields on the Invoice object, additional lookup fields, formulas, roll-ups, triggers and workflow.

We provide detailed information on the technical side of Breadwinner on our Technical Resources for Developers page.

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