Avankia DBSync vs Breadwinner for QuickBooks


People often ask about the differences between Avankia’s DBSync and Breadwinner for QuickBooks. We’re not experts in DBSync, but we’ve had a few customers transition from DBSync to Breadwinner and we’ll do our best to give you the relevant information.


At a high level, Breadwinner and DBSync are very different. DBSync can connect multiple accounting systems to multiple CRM’s and multiple databases. Breadwinner can connect only Salesforce to QuickBooks (Breadwinner does integrate with Xero as well as QuickBooks, but has a different Salesforce app for that because Xero and QuickBooks are quite different).

So, with DBSync, you can integrate with additional and different databases, but the integration won’t be as tight. Breadwinner integrates two and only two solutions, and as a result, we can build a very deep integration. Both Breadwinner and DBSync can integrate with QuickBooks Desktop.

iiData Replicated from QuickBooks back to Salesforce on the Invoice Level

Both Breadwinner and DBSync replicate your data from QuickBooks back to Salesforce.

Exactly what is replicated is quite different. DBSync will bring in some high-level information about the Invoice, and also show additional information in a machine-readable format. Here are some screenshots of DBSync. There were taken from a live installation, so sensitive information has been blurred. Click the image to see the full-sized image.

Information on the upper half of DB Sync’s Invoice record. You can see the invoice number, balance, total payments, and transaction date.

DB Sync Upper Half blurred data

Continue information on the upper half of DB Sync’s Invoice record. The dense text is the raw information retrieved from QuickBooks. By visually scanning through this information, it is possible to determine Line Items, Address, Due Date, and other information.

DB Sync Lower Half blurred data

Breadwinner will pull all of this data—and much more—into Salesforce. Here are a few screenshots of Breadwinner data. Our Invoice page has the top-level fields that DBSync does. It also has information on the Payments, Due Date, Fully Paid date, QBO Custom Fields, and much more.

At the top of our Invoice Page, you’ll find buttons that allow you to either download the PDF Invoice from QuickBooks to save to your computer, or to email it to a Salesforce Contact. You’ll also see the individual line Items on that invoice and payments made if the invoice was paid.


Breadwinner QuickBooks Online Salesforce Invoice Information

Breadwinner also calculates information for you to save you time. For instance, we are able to calculate the Fully Paid On Date if an invoice has been fully paid.

All of the Breadwinner information is stored in native Salesforce objects and fields. The related lists you see at the bottom of the invoice show the related records that are their own Objects, such as Line Items and Payment Transactions.

Data Replicated from QuickBooks back to Salesforce on the QuickBooks Company Level

We have not seen DBSync replicate QuickBooks Company information back to Salesforce to a Salesforce-based QuickBooks Company object. Some syncing is possible with DBSync where you connect a QuickBooks Company to a Salesforce Account, however this requires a one to one approach, whereas Breadwinner allows you to associate multiple QuickBooks Companies, Sub-Companies, and Jobs back to a single Salesforce Account.

Breadwinner replicates all QuickBooks Companies back to Salesforce and stores them as independent records called QuickBooks Company. These QuickBooks Companies, which represent a company, sub-company, sub-sub-company, or a job, can optionally be associated with a Salesforce Account. If you create a new QuickBooks Company directly in QuickBooks (or through an API in QuickBooks), then we will find this new company as part of our hourly sync and replicate it back to Salesforce. Any changes made to the QuickBooks Records in QuickBooks will also be replicated back to Salesforce as part of the hourly sync.

At the top of a Company record, you’ll find buttons allowing you to edit this record directly in QuickBooks (even without a QuickBooks Login) and to also reparent this QuickBooks Company so it can be associated to a different Salesforce Account.

Breadwinner QuickBooks Online Salesforce QBO Company Upper Half

And, we show all invoices and payments ever made from that QuickBooks Company.

Breadwinner QuickBooks Online Salesforce QBO Company Lower Half

Salesforce Account Level Information

While you might be able to pay your Salesforce Consultant to build custom roll-ups and charts on your Salesforce Account, this information is included with Breadwinner and comes with all versions of Breadwinner.

Your staff spend tons of time on the Salesforce Account records, so why not show relevant information on that? The standard Account information is shown, and the information provided by Breadwinner is highlighted with a green box.

Breadwinner QuickBooks Online Salesforce Account

Support and Setup

Many people who are currently working with DBSync and considering moving to Breadwinner ask, “What is your support like?”

We are proud to say that all support staff are native English speakers. Telephone connections are clear and easy to understand.

People also ask what the setup cost is. For 98% of our customers, there is no setup cost, only the annual subscription. We ensure that you are fully up and running on our free trial before you have to commit to spending any money.

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