FinancialForce Alternatives

Want your finances to integrate with Salesforce but don’t want the price or complexity of FinancialForce?
Here are your best FinancialForce Alternatives.


Xero is the online accounting suite taking over most of the English Speaking world. It is the number one accounting platform in Australia and New Zealand, and is making heavy inroads in the UK and Ireland. The US Market has proved tougher for them to enter, but they continue to increase their customer base there. There are no less than 7 ways to integrate Xero with Salesforce, and I’ll touch on them all here.


Breadwinner for Xero

Breadwinner is our app, and obviously we’ll suggest it! Breadwinner is the only app that performs a two-way sync between Salesforce and Xero, so if you want an out of the box solution that pushes invoice and address data from Xero to Salesforce and keeps it up to date, you’ll want Breadwinner. We also have the best charts and graph and provide them at the Salesforce Account level. Breadwinner is also the only option if you have multiple Xero orgs that you want to sync with a single Salesforce org.

Zapier, One-SaaS, and Carry the One for Xero

These apps also provide syncing ability (though only one-way for financial data), but often only sync a record upon creation, not upon a record being updated. Some of them offer custom field synchronization, which you may need if you need to connect to your custom objects.

Custom Development and Dime for Developers

Xero provides its own API, so many people opt for custom development. If you go down this route, make sure you explore Dime for Developers, as it provides a framework for Salesforce developers to interact with their app rather than building out a direct connection to Xero. You’ll still need to pay for custom development time, but it might shave off significant time from your development, and provide a structured that benefits your setup.

Image – Breadwinner for Xero Contact View

QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is the dominant accounting package for SME’s in the US. You may end up using QuickBooks as that’s often all your US accountant will know.


Image – Breadwinner for QuickBooks Online Invoice Creation

Breadwinner for QuickBooks Online

Breadwinner allows companies to seamlessly connect one or more QuickBooks Online to Salesforce org. They gain a 360 view of the customer from Salesforce, while securely separating invoice generation for more sensitive financial operations.

DB-Sync, Workato, and Autofy for QuickBooks Online

Avankia’s DB-Sync is the most common way to connect the Windows version QuickBooks to Salesforce. While I’ve never set it up myself, I know several consultants who have. They generally report that it’s a bit tricky to get working, but that the support is good, and that once properly configured DB-Sync is stable and works well. You can also explore Interweave and Autofy, which also sync QuickBooks to Salesforce.

Breadwinner Customer Success Story

“We keep our accounting data in QuickBooks Online. We use Salesforce as our CRM—it’s the lifeblood of our organization.

As an organization, we had a need to ensure that accounting/financial data from our accounting system would appear in Salesforce, ensuring that our sales team wouldn’t renew customers with balances over a certain age, and allowing us to leverage automated workflows and processes in salesforce around past due balance reach outs, and reporting on revenue by customer more easily.

Our accountant lives in QuickBooks Online, while the rest of our organization lives in Salesforce. When we reached out to vendors, FinancialForce and Breadwinner were both at the top of our lists.

While FinancialForce is a full accounting engine, requiring a full transition from our QuickBooks Online org and process, Breadwinner is simpler and lighter and can pull in all QuickBooks Online data cleanly for us to read. FinancialForce would have taken months to implement and would have required implementation specialists at additional costs.

We made the decision to continue using QuickBooks Online as our accounting tool, so FinancialForce would be beyond the scope of what we needed as a solution. Had we decided to totally change our entire accounting software, FinancialForce may have fit, but it was not what we were looking for. Breadwinner has given us what we needed.”

- Five Star Rated

Native Salesforce Apps that handle Invoices

You could also use a non-integrated accounting system and handle your Invoicing separately in Salesforce through a native Invoice app. I personally don’t prefer this option as it creates double data entry and introduces potential errors, but it is an option. Bill.ON offers subscription billing inside Salesforce, and Invoice IT Billing and Invoices for Salesforce are also options.

Interestingly enough, FinancialForce even makes a competitor to itself that, like the apps in this category, just handles Invoices. It’s called FinancialForce Billing, though as of Oct 2014, it started at $500 a month, so perhaps not the lightweight solution you were looking for!

External Recurring Billing Systems

Zuora, Chargify, and Recurly are standalone recurring billing systems that integrate into Salesforce.

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