Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning is a game-changer for on-site customer service. But what about accepting payments in the field? Breawdinner Payments simplifies this by connecting Salesforce with Stripe payments, offering a practical solution for businesses.

This integration shines in scenarios where office agents need to handle card payments over the phone or field agents must collect payments on-site. Payments may include an initial deposit followed by additional charges based on services or parts.

Imagine an agent processing a payment over the phone. They securely store the card details in Salesforce, complying with PCI standards. Only the card fingerprint is stored, showing the last four digits, while the complete card data remains in Stripe.

Screenshot of creating a payment in Breadwinner's Stripe Salesforce integration

This virtual terminal is accessible via smartphones, iPads, or laptops, making it easy for field reps to collect payments.

Real-time transparency is a key advantage. Payments instantly appear in Salesforce, whether initiated by the back office or field agent. Both parties can monitor transactions, totals, and balances in real-time.

Screenshot of a work order record in Breadwinner's Stripe Salesforce integration

For instance, a Work Order may show an initial partial payment, indicating a balance due. You can easily charge the remaining amount and even update the card if needed.

The individual transaction record is typically associated with a work order, but can be associated with any Salesforce Record. Or even multiple Salesforce records, just by adding and populating a lookup.

Screenshot of a payment record in Breadwinner's Stripe Salesforce integration

This integration offers endless possibilities and flexibility. Whether managing one Salesforce Record or many, you can streamline payment processes and enhance customer service. Explore the potential and elevate your field service operations today.