Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning is a powerful tool to service your customers in the field. But what if you need to take payments from those customers in the field? Breawdinner Payments connects Salesforce to Square payments (and also connects FSL to Stripe and more).

We see a number of use cases, but the primary use cases are the agent in the office needs to take a card payment over the phone, and/or the field agent needs to take one or more payments at the customer’s site. And these payments may involve an initial deposit followed by a second payment based on the work/parts required.

Let’s look at the process of an agent taking a payment over the phone. The agent would typically store the card details against the customer’s Account. This is PCI compliant because Breadwinner stores the card fingerprint in Salesforce, and shows the last 4 digits but never stores the full card details. The full card details remain in Square at all times.

Salesforce field service lightning integrates square payments virtual terminal

This virtual terminal is equally available to the field rep on their smartphone, iPad, or laptop.

When payments are taken, they appear instantly in Salesforce. This means that whether the payment is taken over the phone by the back office, or the agent in the field, either one can see the transactions, totals, and balances instantly.

Here’s what a Work Order might look like after payment was taken.

Salesforce field service lightning integrates square payments work order showing transactions balance

This particular order shows that a smaller payment was made first, and the balance is due. Clicking “Charge Remaining” will initiate the process of billing the balance, with the option to change cards if needed.

The individual transaction record is typically associated with a work order, but can be associated with any Salesforce Record. Or even multiple Salesforce records, just by adding and populating a lookup.

Salesforce field service lightning integrates square payments transaction


There’s a lot more flexibility than is shown here, and this brief summary gives you a great overview of what’s possible by integrating Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning with Square Payments.