Breadwinner for QuickBooks Pricing

Breadwinner is the Enterprise-level solution for integrating Salesforce with QuickBooks Online. Our solution is fast yet secure, simple yet powerful.


Base Fee


Salesforce User Fee

1-40 Salesforce users

Over 40 Salesforce users




$0 per month



$0 per Salesforce user/month

$0 per Salesforce          user 


Total (Billed Annually)



Benefits include:                     

– Generate invoices from the Account record

– View the top three most recently generated invoices against their associated Account record as downloadable PDFs



$200 per month



$8 per Salesforce user/month

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Total (Billed Annually)



All the benefits from Free, plus:

Pre-populate invoices based on Account data, Opportunity, & Opportunity Products

Sync all historical and new invoice data into Salesforce automatically

– Create invoices in Salesforce

– Track invoice status i.e. Overdue, Due, Paid



$250 per month



$11 per Salesforce user/month

Contact Sales


Total (Billed Annually)



All the benefits from Basic, plus:

– Report on all fields using standard Salesforce reporting

– Pre-populate invoice line items from Opportunity fields

Enhanced invoice reporting in Salesforce

– Create look-ups from Opportunity custom fields

Download invoice PDFs and/or send them directly from within Salesforce

– Multi-org add-on option (additional cost)



$300 per month



$14 per Salesforce user/month

Contact Sales


Total (Billed Annually)



All the benefits from Professional, plus:

– Pre-populate line item data from Opportunity Product records i.e. Tracking Categories, Account Revenue codes

– Access advanced email capabilities i.e. invoice email templates

– Global API support

– Required if FSL or CPQ is in use in the Salesforce org

– AP add-on option (additional cost)

– Custom Object support add-on option (additional cost)






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All prices are in USD

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For details on requirements, click here.

Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

Do you charge per user?

Yes, part of the pricing is based on the number of users. 

Are there any overage fees? Or do you cut off syncing?

We don’t have overage fees and we never cut you off if you go over. However, if your monthly average invoice volume (averaged over three months) goes over your plan, we will send you an email informing you of this and upgrade you automatically 14 days later. Customers generally find that, as their business grows and succeeds, they increase the volume of their invoices, so you should expect your invoice volume to grow if you are doing well.

Do I need to pay for a year upfront?

Yes. Breadwinner contracts are billed annually by default. We’ve found that customers who can commit to a full year of using Breadwinner will be more successful in the long run. And since your long-term success is our goal, we want to encourage those practices that support that goal. Bottom line: Annual contracts make happier Breadwinner customers. And we want you to be happy.

How does a free trial work?

Free trials provide you with a full version of a Professional plan for fourteen days. You get the full experience of the depth and breadth of Breadwinner software, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you become a Breadwinner customer. You can also contact sales to request Business or Enterprise during your free trial.

What is the onboarding/activation cost?

There is no onboarding cost, though we may request you use a Salesforce Certified Admin or Salesforce Consultant if you don’t have one in-house to assist you.

What are the technical requirements?

Please see our requirements page.

Hear from our customers

Hummingbird Technologies Logo

“We needed a platform that was going to deliver on what it promised. Breadwinner’s installation process was straightforward and smooth with a quick implementation session. We were set up and ready to go within an hour.”

Helen Keevil
Head of UK Sales, Hummingbird Technologies

apkudo logo

“We sought a solution that leverages automation and software to do these mundane tasks so our staff can focus on customer-facing actions that drive the business. With Breadwinner, the result is we’re more efficient and productive with fewer manual processes, and that’s better for everyone.”

Darwin Stephenson
Chief Revenue Officer, Apkudo

Cloudtopia Logo

“The issue with doing manual data entry is you have to double-check it and triple-check it. Breadwinner became a key player, acting as the bridge between the two pieces of software that allowed us to quickly and simply move information that was already being developed in Salesforce; without the extra cost and hassle”

Morgan Selph
President, PlaySpace Designs

Take your business to the next level with Breadwinner for QuickBooks