How does Breadwinner sync Xero with Salesforce?

No Mapping Required

Breadwinner can be installed and configured in minutes, with no mapping required! This is possible because we have dedicated objects in Salesforce that perfectly represents a corresponding Xero object. And we update Salesforce within in a few minutes from Xero, so your Salesforce data is always accurate.

Intelligent Syncing

Breadwinner treats Xero as your master storage and brings a perfect copy of that information into Salesforce. Breadwinner also creates Xero Customers, Invoices, and Inventory from Salesforce records, in just a few clicks in Salesforce.

Syncing Flow

 This Objectis mapped at this time in this manner To this Object
Xero InvoicesAll Invoices, including Invoices created before connecting with Breadwinner, Invoices created through Breadwinner, and even Invoices created manually through another Xero Add-On, are copied over to Salesforce and kept up to date, every few minutes. This is an automatic sync.Salesforce (Breadwinner) Invoices
Salesforce OpportunitiesYou can create a Xero Invoice from a Salesforce Opportunity. If the Opportunity has Opportunity Products, those Opportunity Products will be used as defaults to pre-populate the Xero Invoice, so no double data entry is required. This is an on-click sync.Xero Invoices
Salesforce ProductsAt the time of Invoice creation, if a Salesforce Product does not have a corresponding Xero Inventory item (using the SF Product Code and Xero Inventory Item Code to match) then Breadwinner will create a Xero Inventory Item just in time. Breadwinner does this behind the scenes, so you don't have to think about it. The Opportunity Product Name and Opportunity Product Description is mapped to the Xero Line Item Description. This is an automatic sync.Xero Inventory
Salesforce AccountsAt the moment of Invoice Creation from within Salesforce, if a Salesforce Account is not already connected to a Xero Contact, then a corresponding Xero Contact can be created by Breadwinner. You can confirm the name and address of the Xero Contact to be created and edit it, or use the values pre-populated from Salesforce Accounts and its related Salesforce Contacts (First Name, Last Name and Email). This is an on-click Sync.Xero Contacts
(in Salesforce)
Xero ContactsAll Xero Contacts are brought into Salesforce immediately after connecting Xero with Breadwinner and every 15 minutes from then on. The Xero Contacts are stored in Salesforce as records of Xero Contacts object, a child-object of the Salesforce Account. If an extra / duplicate Salesforce Account is created by Breadwinner, merge it with the original Account by using Salesforce's Account Merge Wizard. This is an automatic sync.

Please see the Data ERD for more information.
Salesforce Accounts
Xero ContactsWhile Xero Contacts can be used to create / populate Salesforce Accounts, they are always represented in Salesforce through the Xero Contacts object. Show this on the Account page by adding the related list. You can read more in our help section on Xero Contacts. Do not delete the Xero Contact as we refresh (and thus re-create) all Xero Contacts and Invoices every week to ensure data integrity. If Xero Contact is matched with an incorrect Salesforce Account, you can reparent the Xero Contact. This is an on-click sync.Xero Contacts
(in Salesforce)
Xero InventoryAfter you integrate Xero with Salesforce using Breadwinner, you have the option to import all of your Xero Inventory to Salesforce as Salesforce Products. We recommend you do this once, and then use Salesforce Products as your master data source. This is an on-click sync.Salesforce Products
Xero Branding Themes, Revenue Accounts, Tax Rates and Tracking CodesYou can select a Xero Branding Theme, Revenue Account, Tax Rate and Tracking Code at the time of Invoice Creation in Breadwinner. Breadwinner bring in new / updated data to Salesforce nightly, or upon manually starting the sync from the Troubleshoot section of Breadwinner Tab. This is an automatic and on-click sync.Breadwinner Branding Themes, Revenue Accounts, Tax Rates and Tracking Codes
Xero Line ItemsAll Line Items on Xero Invoice are copied over to Salesforce, including the Revenue Code, Tax, and any Tracking Categories. Line Items are kept up to date, every few minutes (This feature requires Breadwinner Professional or higher). This is an automatic sync.Breadwinner Line Items
Xero PaymentsAll Payments on Xero Invoice are copied over to Salesforce, including the Payment Date. Payments are kept up to date, every few minutes (This feature requires Breadwinner Professional or higher). This is an automatic sync.Breadwinner Payments

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