You asked. We listened. We have made some exciting changes in this release that will give you the ability to work even more intuitively than before. Read on to find out more about our Global API, Invoice creation via Custom URL, and Employee Object features.

Customer Create/Global API

Salesforce partners and developers can now use the Breadwinner Global API to create and update NetSuite Customer records. By calling the API from your custom Apex class, trigger, or other methods, you can automatically create or update Customers in NetSuite from within Salesforce. This is a great way of eliminating the risk of double data entry and reducing human error,

Users can save additional time, as this feature enables them to work from within Salesforce while creating records in NetSuite. Customers can be more flexible in their approach to transferring data, allowing them to increase efficiency between teams and departments.

Breadwinner accepts request data in the form of Map>String, Object>, and can return the response data as Map>String, Object>. This format makes the requests and responses dynamic and allows for flexibility when transferring data.

Invoice Creation by Custom URL

Invoice creation by custom URL is now supported by Breadwinner. You can create buttons, such as [Create PDF Invoice], that will generate an invoice using data from any Opportunity, Order, or custom object in Salesforce. This is particularly useful for those who have customized orgs that handle transactions differently than standard Salesforce. If the custom object has a child object that stores line items as a related list, they can use those items to generate an invoice, which can save staff time significantly.

Being able to create invoices from anywhere in Salesforce with a click of a button makes invoice creation faster and easier than ever, accelerating cash flow and reducing the risk of delays when sending invoices.

Employee Object

The Employee Object gives customers the ability to view employee records in Salesforce. This allows users to not have to jump between platforms, saving them time and enabling them to put more effort into initiatives that move the needle. Employee data is handled securely by Breadwinner – Salesforce users with standard or read-only permission sets won’t be able to use Employees.

You can access the Employee Object in our NetSuite Object Sync Configuration Modal; here you can turn objects on and off depending on your requirements.

To learn more about how these features can help your business, book a personalized demo of Breadwinner for NetSuite with our friendly team!